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Error (10482): ….object "to_unsigned" is used but not declared[edit]

  • 'to_unsigned' is a function defined in the package numeric_std. Hence, you need to add that package to your code.

Error (12153): Can't elaborate top-level user hierarchy[edit]

  • You must set which of the VHDL modules is the one of higher hierarchy. Set it as 'top level module' from the right click menu of the file.

Error (10316): VHDL error at *.vhd: character z used but not declared for type "std_logic"[edit]

  • 'z' as a standard_logic value is defined uppercase z, 'Z'. Therefore you must use 'Z' when assigning the high impedance value.

Warning (10631): inferring latch(es) for signal or variable 'nnnn', which holds its previous value in one or more paths through the process.[edit]

  • This is a critical warning when describing a combinational circuit in VHDL. You must review the code and try to find the missing assignment(s) that generate the warning.

How to filter Warnings messages[edit]

Right-click on the message you want to filter, then use the Suppress menu to select the kind of filter you want to do.

RTL View[edit]

  • Tools -> Netlist Viewers -> RTL Viewer

Technology View[edit]

  • Tools -> Netlist Viewers -> Technology Map Viewer (post-mapping)
  • Tools -> Netlist Viewers -> Technology Map Viewer (post-fitting)




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